Equipped for Life provides two primary tracks for your donations.  First, the operating budget of Equipped for Life needs consistent funding in order to manage personnel costs, resource and seminar costs, scholarships for leaders who cannot afford to participate otherwise, and general administrative costs.  The operating budget will be funded largely from contributions like yours.  Other funds will come in through fees associated with some of the ministry projects.

Second, The Flagship Fund will provide support for missions partnerships within Flagship for Missions.  Opportunities to target your giving to specific missions partners are provided through this fund.  Information about those partnerships are available upon request as well as some more general information that will be available through this website.

EFL Budget

Operating expenses for Equipped for Life come from generous donations from people like you!  Your giving here will make it possible for many of the services of Equipped for Life to be provided at no cost (or low cost) for those who could not afford to participate otherwise. These funds also underwrite personnel and administrative expenses so that Flagship Fund can operate with virtually no overhead costs.  One-time gifts are much appreciated.  And yes, monthly gifts do build important continuity!

The Flagship Fund

Want to make a contribution that matters for eternity? Through the Flagship Fund, your giving will provide the means for gospel partnerships that will impact the world for Christ!  Should you have a special passion for missions, this fund will direct your donation to one of many leaders in a wide variety of international settings.  You may have something specific in mind, or just want to trust us to get the resources into hands that are making a difference!

Click on the image to go to the donation page.

Click on the image to go to the donation page.

Checks and Other Methods

1.  Checks may be made out to Equipped for Life with notation on the Memo line to specify which fund you choose to support with your gift.  Further details can be addressed regarding specific preferences you would like to note.

Those checks can be mailed to:

Equipped for Life
1820 Albacore Lane
Raleigh, NC  27612

2.  Non-cash contributions can be made by designating gifts through National Christian Foundation, a ministry designed to make such contributions possible with little inconvenience for either the giver or recipient.

3.  Should you choose to do so, direct deposit and bank draft options can be established as well.  Contact us for further information:  david@equippedforlife.org