Executive Leadership Forum (ELF)

Christian leaders impact all facets of our society--businesses, government, sports, families, churches, music and arts, and on we could go!  Therefore, as ambassadors for Christ wherever we go, our leadership in every sphere should reflect our identity in Christ and our biblical values through Him. Executive Leadership Forums meet monthly during the the school year, September through May, and investigate leadership principles and practices from a Christ-centered perspective.

Shepherds' Forum

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Pastors shepherd the flock of God, the church.  But who shepherds the shepherds?  Through the Shepherds' Forum, groups of pastors meet each month for three to four hours to walk through the issues of local church ministry.  The goal of these sessions is to encourage and equip the pastors in their labors with a fresh look at a Scriptural model of leadership and a renewed passion to equip the saints for the work of ministry.  Scores of pastors have walked together through this curriculum over the course of the past several years and found great help in the fellowship with ministry colleagues and in the content of the monthly topics.

"Into the Deep," College Leadership Seminars

Many college students excel in the classroom but have little opportunity to develop leadership skills and attitudes that will prepare them for life after the university.  College Leadership Cohorts are designed to expand the capacity of students to meet the growing need for leaders in the world for which they are being educated.  Some leaders are born to lead, but many others may not have realized that they can learn to lead.  These cohorts are designed to help the born leader as well as the newly minted leader to excel and develop the character of a godly leader by following and practicing biblical principles.

"Pass the Baton," A Legacy Coalition (for high school seniors) 

As high school seniors prepare for the major changes coming their way, what kind of legacy will they receive before they leave home?  What kind will they cultivate during their college years?  "Pass the Baton" Groups offer a series of sessions to equip students for the world ahead of them by rooting them deeply in values and principles for life that will last forever.  A biblical foundation for life provides stability and satisfaction like nothing else!  Therefore, in four two hour sessions, seniors chosen to participate will be better prepared to make good decisions and develop the godly leadership skills to preserve and pass on a godly legacy.


Through the ministry of EFL's Equipping Center, a variety of conferences are available.  Let us know how we can serve you!

Bible Conferences

With a profound love for the Lord and His Word, David Horner has preached through book after book of the Bible over the course of 37 years in his pulpit ministry.  Therefore, through expositional preaching and teaching, his desire is to present everyone complete in Christ, mature in Him, by equipping people for life through the Word of God.  In local churches and around the world, he has opened up the Scriptures with joy to thousands of people from every tongue, tribe, people and nation.  With prayer dependence on the Spirit, the preaching of God's Word always accomplishes the gracious purposes of the Lord!

Church Planting and Revitalization

Back in 1978, before church planting became the norm, David and Cathy Horner joined with a dozen families to start a new church.  Since that time, church planting and revitalization have played a large part in the pastoral strategy of Providence Baptist Church.  Conferences are available to aid pastors and leaders contemplating such a move, or needing help for works already under way.  Both David and Cathy have taught seminars and conferences for church planters and other church leaders and their spouses.


Cathy and David Horner have led marriage conferences for over 20 years, ranging from 2-hour Saturday sessions to entire weekend retreats and conferences.  As two who love marriage, they hold a high view of this godly union and see in it the wonder of God's portrait of Christ's relationship to His Bride, the church.  The content of each marriage conference can be arranged to fit your schedule.

Men's and Women's

The need for specific events targeting the unique aspects of biblical manhood and biblical womanhood continues to grow with each passing year.  Cultural mandates have largely overrun the beauty and wonder of God's creative genius in making us male and female.  Cathy has spoken often to women's groups and David to men's groups about the challenges of living well as image bearers of the Lord.  Cathy has also been instrumental in coaching various churches in how to begin and sustain women's ministries.  Biblical teaching forms the foundation for both the men's and women's conferences.  Practical applications of eternal truths shape the nature of these conferences.

 lutsk, Ukraine

lutsk, Ukraine


Biblical foundations and principles, matched with 30 years of overseas experiences, combined with years of research led David Horner to write the book, When Missions Shapes the Mission.  Through weekend conferences and special missions services, his passion for reaching from the neighborhoods to the nations with the gospel communicates effectively in calling others to missions.  Beyond the borders of the United States, David and Cathy spend a few weeks every year working with national leaders and missionaries to help equip them more fully to take the gospel to the nations.


 Praying together with the gospel coalition council

Praying together with the gospel coalition council

One of the most neglected aspects of the Christian life is prayer.  Churches and individuals alike are more likely to advocate a strong prayer life than they are to practice one.  Recognizing this weakness and prescribing practical helps have long been passions of the Horners.  Whether through weekend conferences or longer sessions, prayer conferences are offered through EFL in a variety of formats, all of which stress praying more than just learning about it.  

Racial Reconciliation

Cosmetic cures and token gestures do not make for reconciled relationships between and among the races.  Biblical perspectives provide a strong case for demonstrating unity in Christ alone.  As secular society and even religious communities drift further apart due to racial tensions, we want to offer our voice to the movement among Christians to encourage healthy engagement at all levels among people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and socio-economic distinctives.  For well over 40 years, David and Cathy have lived in and pursued diversity in the body of Christ.  Seminars and conferences are available to help followers of Christ offer a genuine picture of biblical community that transcends racial boundaries.

Succession and Transition Planning

 brian frost approved unanimously as new pastor of providence

brian frost approved unanimously as new pastor of providence

Begin planning for the ministry legacy you want to leave on your first day in your new position.  Too many of life's ministry dreams are unintentionally abandoned because the leaders did not plan for the day they would no longer be around!  Years of preparation can make a huge difference in how leadership succession works out for your life work to continue unabated.  Conferences or seminars offer you some practical ways to prepare your legacy and make a smooth, effective transition for those who remain and for those who lead after you pass them the baton.

Speaking Engagements/Seminar Inquiries

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