Finding where in the world God is working
and joining in...


Acts 1:8  ...and you shall be My witnesses both in
Jerusalem, and Judea and Samaria
and the uttermost parts of the earth...

One of the delights of Equipped for Life has been discovering great ministries overseas and the pastors who lead them. A top priority for leveraging missions giving will be given to national leaders who have a track record of making an impact through gospel ministry.  Some of the relationships we have extend back nearly 30 years!  Sustainable partnerships build lasting trust in the nature and effectiveness of the international team we have come to love.

 Pastors conference in the mountains of peru

Pastors conference in the mountains of peru

 women's conference in vadodara, india

women's conference in vadodara, india


Enduring Partnerships

Because we have cultivated friendships with so many men and women in places like Peru and Poland, Zimbabwe and Zambia, Ukraine and Uganda ... Romania, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Nepal, Ghana, Ethiopia and dozens more nations, you can give confident support to our trustworthy partners.

 Seminar in amman, jordan

Seminar in amman, jordan

For almost 30 years, David and Cathy Horner have traveled to various corners of the world to equip, strengthen and encourage Christian leaders through times of ministry in God's Word.  Amazing relationships have formed during that time!

We now have a chance to extend our reach and offer even more help.  Through Global Partnerships, Flagship for Missions now has a broad foundation upon which to build continued support for national pastors and leaders we have come to know and trust.  Rather than familiar names associated with established ministries, we have focused on men and women you might never meet this side of heaven.   Because of the strong friendships we have formed over the years, we want you to know about them and have opportunity to partner with them!

By joining us as we reach out to them, we can introduce you to Christian leaders making a profound difference right among their own people in their own land.  We love partnering with national Christian leaders and think you will too!

Here is a list of nations where we have on-going work:






South Pacific




Central and South America


Ukraine                 Spain

Romania                Hungary

Poland                   Moldova                   


Turkey                  Jordan

India                     Nepal


Indonesia              Palau


Ethiopia                Kenya

Uganda                Zimbabwe

South Africa         Ghana

Liberia                  Nigeria


Peru                     Colombia

Belize                  Brazil

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with national Christian leaders in one or more of these nations.  Please note, however, that the partnerships in some nations are with missionaries because no identifiable national leaders have yet to emerge.  Those are critical works as well.  The key in all of these lands is partnerships based on relationships anchored in the most important of relationships we share in Christ.

 sirince, turkey ...Taking water to a dry and weary land

sirince, turkey
...Taking water to a dry and weary land