Equipped for Life loves and supports missions!  Beyond the scope of our own natural spheres of influence, we try to be a true Acts 1:8 ministry, reaching the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel. A portion of every gift we receive goes to missions.


Build foundations that will take advantage of a host of free teaching materials while gaining access to online video teaching, books and other tools to build you up in Christ and grow you up as an equipper of others.


Working together with others makes all the difference when you want to excel still more in sharpening ministry tools and skills.  But that passion to excel must always be motivated by a desire to keep first things first - seeking Christ first and developing as a godly leader who keeps careful watch in life and doctrine.  Through the Equipping Center, we want to work together with you to prepare you for all that God still has in store for you!


What makes a school Christian?  With the help of professional Christian educators, Equipped for Life wants to help you answer that question. If you are looking to improve on what you are doing, or start a new work from scratch, consultations with our team will certainly help you address and answer your questions!

Mission Statement


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Because Equipped for Life is a charitable, non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry, your gifts are tax deductible.