Equipped for Life loves and supports missions!  Beyond the scope of our own natural spheres of influence, we try to be a true Acts 1:8 ministry, reaching the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel. A portion of every gift we receive goes to missions.


Build foundations that will take advantage of a host of free teaching materials while gaining access to online video teaching, books and other tools to build you up in Christ and grow you up as an equipper of others.


Working together with others makes all the difference when you want to excel still more in sharpening ministry tools and skills.  But that passion to excel must always be motivated by a desire to keep first things first - seeking Christ first and developing as a godly leader who keeps careful watch in life and doctrine.  Through the Equipping Center, we want to work together with you to prepare you for all that God still has in store for you!


What makes a school Christian?  With the help of professional Christian educators, Equipped for Life wants to help you answer that question. If you are looking to improve on what you are doing, or start a new work from scratch, consultations with our team will certainly help you address and answer your questions!

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“As a European Christian institution of higher education, Emanuel University of  Oradea enjoyed a partnership with Dr. Horner and the various institutions under his leadership for the past 20 years.  During this time, he held various  leadership and pastors conference, taught in our undergraduate and graduate theology program and mentored many of our young men and women.  I appreciated his versatility and willingness when we challenged him to also teach and mentor in the Griffiths School of Management and IT. He was a gracious and knowledgeable professor for our business students, blending a pastoral and personable approach with rigorous academic expectations. He was further an excellent speaker at Business Days – Romania, the largest national business conference, and at various master classes on the topics of leadership, organizational development and business ethics.”

--Dr. Sebastian Vaduva, Director, Griffiths School of Management
Emanuel University, Oradea, Romania     


“Dr. David Horner is both winsome and wise. He is a strategic thinker who brings his decades of high -impact leadership experience to bear when offering counsel. I have personally benefitted from his ability to frame issues with clarity and grace, revealing his keen intellect and his desire to honor the Lord first. Putting David’s insights into practice brought joy into my own transition to a new leadership position. He coaches leaders  out of a desire to see them thrive in all areas of life.”                                                     

-- Dr. Timothy Bridges, Head of School
                                  Trinity Academy of Raleigh, NC


“After being a pastor-led and deacon-served church for over 125 years, our church has begun the process of transitioning to an elder led church. Dr. Horner provided the guidance and framework we needed from his 30 years of experience as senior pastor in an elder led Baptist church. Dr. Horner's invaluable knowledge and wisdom enabled us to make the move from a concept to an action plan, saving us many hours. I heartily endorse Dr. David Horner and Equipped for Life.”

                                    --W. Keith Thompson, MD, Ministry Leader
                                    Rich Forks Baptist Church, Thomasville, NC


"There is a type of wisdom only gained by long and faithful service. As a young pastor, I have found Dr. David Horner to be a treasure trove of such wisdom. His experience planting and leading a significant church, walking with countless people through life's ups and downs, writing, fathering, parenting, etc., put him in a unique place to help prepare the next generation of leaders. Dr. Horner has walked me through everything from approaching  an interview process, to planning the first 90 days of a new pastorate, to developing a church's vision statements. Dr. Horner is positioned to help teach so many of us how to lead faithfully. I hope many more young leaders can benefit from time with him.”

                                                  --The Reverend Sam Ferguson, Newly Selected Rector
                                                         Falls Church Anglican, Falls Church, VA


“ For the forum of Youth Leaders, the vision was presented and a good Word was delivered. A special thanks to you for the book which we and many other leaders use. ...People quickly understand the idea of vision and capture it. It works and it’s a great pleasure and joy.”

— Pastor Volodia Volianyk, Lutsk, Ukraine


“It is a gift when you find in one person the capacity to be a shepherd, consultant, bible teacher and a leader of men.  David Horner has been a gift to the work of building God’s Kingdom for many years now.  It would be a mistake to call David a retired pastor, he is a retooled servant that is responding to God’s purpose and plan for his life. David has provided strategic wisdom and insight that has led to the critical development of elders in our church. Our church has experienced a sense of renewal due to David helping our leaders to embrace what it means to be technically excellent and spiritually sound. He is viewed throughout our church as a dear friend  and a pastor who cares about our purpose and health as a biblical Christ centered community.”

                                    --The Reverend James White, Pastor
                                    Christ Our King Community Church, Raleigh, NC


“I have known David Horner for more than 20 years.  I was a member at Providence Baptist Church during his tenure as Senior Pastor.  Nine years ago, Providence planted the church I now attend.  As an elder in that church, we have called upon David for advice and guidance.  Through his ministry, Equipped for Life, he helped us form a search committee for a new pastor.  He met with us on several occasions to guide us in this process and provided resources and leadership to our elders. I highly recommend David as a skilled professional for consulting, coaching and mentoring.

--William Barker, Elder
Capital Community Church, Raleigh, NC


“Our church had David Horner speak to our leadership to equip them with the skills we needed to take us to the next level. His experience and knowledge werr evident as he guided us through scenarios and gave us advice on situations all churches and leadership will encounter. We all walked away from the meeting feeling connected and encouraged in the stewardship of the church body. I highly recommend his advice and wisdom to anyone looking to advance your church.”

--The Reverend Olden Thornton, Pastor
Raleigh International Church, Raleigh, NC