I thank God for David Horner—for his life and for his leadership, for the church he leads and for their commitment to mission. I pray that the Lord will inspire, teach, educate, and motivate us all through this book toward the end that we as Christians and we in our churches might lock arms together in radical abandonment to spreading the gospel of God and declaring the glory of God to the ends of the earth.
— David Platt, President, International Mission Board
Horner’s book, which should be required reading in all western churches, gives the theological and spiritual why, the practical how, and the personal who for bringing missions to centre-stage in every church in North America and Europe. It’s hard for me to picture a better and more compelling challenge on the importance of being mission minded than what we have here. Pick up this volume. Read. And experience the bomb under your seat!”
— Michael Cassidy, Africa Enterprise, Pietermaritzburg, S. Africa
Under the leadership of senior pastor David Horner, Providence has placed global missions at the center of the life of the church, with profound effect both on the congregation and on unreached people groups around the world. Out of this experience, Horner has written a book that should be read by every pastor, every church leader, and every seminary student in the evangelical world.
— Zane Pratt, former Dean, Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
This book is filled with godly, biblical, and practical wisdom for those who shepherd the people of God. With years of experience under his pastoral belt, David Horner well understands the blessings and challenges of ministry. You will be edified and encouraged by this work. it will help you find balance as you humbly serve those entrusted to your care by our Lord.
— Danny Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
This book has every Christian leader in its crosshairs. The author thoroughly unpacks seven balances that directly correlate to the things that are constantly stretching those of us who have devoted our lives to ministry. There is no doubt, these insights have been birthed out of being in the trenches of genuine ministry. I felt like I was sitting down with a seasoned mentor, speaking directly into my life. Pastor Horner’s honesty, and even vulnerability, is tremendously refreshing and profoundly enlightening. Scripture is everywhere in this book, as are surprisingly relatable stories. This book pushed me and healed me at the same time. With all the things I am reading as a pastor, this one was definitely worth making time for!
— Anonymous Amazon Customer


By David Horner

Faithful Christians must be ever concerned for the health of the Church — the Body of Christ and the fellowship of the redeemed — for God desires and deserves to be glorified in the health and vitality of faithful congregations. Every pastor should read this book and learn from this pastor and friend.
— R. Albert Mohler, President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
David Horner has put his spiritual stethoscope on our heart of worship and discovered blocked arteries that blur our vision. Here is a powerful guide for every believer who truly cares about building a healthy, wholesome place of worship.
— Howard Hendricks, deceased -- Distinguished Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
This is not just another book about ‘church growth.’ Rather than beginning with someone else’s experience and trying to adapt pragmatic methods to one’s own ministry, this book is unique in that it really goes to the Scripture and seeks to ground the principles of church growth in the Word of God.
— Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., former President, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
This is not a story of how Providence became ‘big.’ This is a story about how a church determined from its inception to become deep. This is a ‘must read’ for all who want to build a ministry that purposes to bring delight to the heart of God.
— Robert G. Barnes, Author and Executive Director, Sheridan House Family Ministries
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