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So you want to be in an Excel Group?

Seminary years prepare both the hearts and minds of those  whom God has called to unique places of service for Christ.  These years are to be equipping you in ministry, not just for ministry.   In other words, you cannot afford to put your spiritual life and ministry on hold while you prepare academically.  Therefore, Excel Groups give you an opportunity to be a part of a discipleship ministry during your seminary years.

Only a limited number of students will be able to participate each semester.  We would love for you to be one of them.  If that is also your desire, please fill out the following application form.

Application Form

As much as we would love to promise a spot for everyone, we cannot.  However, we want to know more about you and why you would like be in an Excel Group.

Name *
Marital Status
Phone *
In the space below, please indicate your degree program, your first year at SEBTS and anticipated year of graduation.
Have you been discipled by anyone before? Have you yourself discipled someone before? Please describe.
Any previous experience as a small group leader?
Excel Groups not only want to make disciples but equip disciple-makers.
Can you commit to attend each of the ten sessions during the semester?
Because of the limited number of available spots, we must reserve them for those who can participate fully.
There will be a number of times the groups will meet. Please note if you prefer early morning groups, evening groups, or perhaps groups that meet during the day.